In keeping with the purpose of Vincent Gray to provide education in an atmosphere that preserves dignity and respect, the standard of dress at the school will be one of modesty, safety, and appropriateness. Therefore the following regulations are enforced:

PANTS – Trousers, jeans and cargo pants are permitted. Pants must be modest, with no holes. They must be worn at waist level; no sagging is allowed.  Absolutely NO pajamas, pictures or messages

SKIRTS, JUMPERS or BERMUDA SHORTS – Skirts and shorts must be knee level or longer (NO LEGGINGS OR STRETCH PANTS). Blouses or polo shirts must be worn under a jumper. Absolutely NO athletic clothing   (BASKETBALL SHORTS OR SWEAT PANTS), pajamas, pictures or messages.

SHIRTS – Any color short-sleeve or long-sleeve t-shirts, oxford, or polo shirts are permitted.  Undershirts worn without a shirt over them are not permitted;  shirts with drugs, alcohol, gangs or applied images are not permitted.  Tank tops are not permitted  .

Proper foundation must be worn.

SHOES OR SNEAKERS – Shoes, sneakers and sandals must fit securely on the foot.

OUTERWEAR – Sweatshirts or sweaters can be pullover or zippered.  Hoods may not be worn over the head at any time during the school day.  Half jackets are not allowed.

HEADWEAR — Hats are permitted in the school building, but must be removed for class (including assemblies). Caps with flaps and strings, scarves and bandanas are not allowed.

All students must be in compliance with the dress requirements on arrival and for the entire school day.

Students who do not comply with the dress requirements policy will be sent home to change.

Students who violate the dress code including minor infractions such as sagging, as well as major infractions will count toward the 10 violations for a one day suspension.

Items of clothing which represent gang membership (or seem to) are not allowable.

Any item of clothing deemed inappropriate by the staff may not be worn.