The VGA atmosphere of  family-like informality and trust is  built on the foundation of these assumptions:

We respect one another’s dignity as human beings and children of God.

We respect one another’s right to learn.

We assess behavior based on these expectations.

We identify conflicts between individuals and groups when they arise and before they escalate.  Students involved in conflicts will be required to participate in mediation.  Participation in the mediation and adherence to its conclusion will be a condition to remaining at Vincent Gray Academy.

Attendance at Vincent Gray is extremely important for education and responsibility.  Absences should occur only for equally important reasons.  Students are expected to inform the principal when they will be absent and if it is necessary to leave the campus during class hours.  Students who arrive at school after 8:45 must report to the office if they wish to be counted present for the day.  If a student is tardy 3 times for a class it is considered a day absent. Students who miss more than 5 days in a class will fail for the quarter.  This rule applies regardless of the student’s work in class.

Snow days - On extremely snowy days, students should watch Channel 4, and 5 for news about a snow schedule (10 a.m. start) or school cancellation.

Student bus passes are for sale in the office. They may be used by students 19 years of age and younger and may only be used for transportation between home and school.

At Vincent Gray, we present two awards that acknowledge achievement. 

The Kujichagulia Award, which is the African-American principle meaning self-determination, recognizes a student who attends at least 90% of his/her scheduled classes for a given week. 

The Nia Award / Honor Roll is given to a  student who earns a 3.0 or higher grade point average(GPA) for the quarter. Nia is the African-American principle meaning purpose.

To promote involvement and academic success, each student meets with his/her advisor periodically throughout the quarter.  The advisor helps the student look at attendance, academic progress, future scheduling, projected graduation and any other pertinent student concerns.

The act of sexual harassment, whether verbal, non-verbal or physical includes, but is not limited to, obscene gestures, displaying of pornography, touching, brushing the body, and sexual propositions. Respect for the person and his or her space shall be maintained.  All at VGA will treat others with respect avoiding any suggestive sexual remarks or touches.  Any such behavior or language is not tolerated and should be corrected.  Any  notable or repeated harassment should be brought to the attention of the principal.  The individual affected is the arbiter of what is offensive.  False accusations are likewise intolerable.

Students may not have visitors at the school.  All visitors should be directed to the office.   Students should not bring children to school during class time.