Vincent Gray Academy strives to provide the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma for Metro East young men and women who are high-risk and economically or socially depressed.

We are also committed to helping students obtain the social traits necessary for them to maintain self-esteem.  Our students will function effectively as individuals who are self-reliant and they will use their skills to improve their society.

Every student who is admitted to Vincent Gray Academy is accepted as a potential candidate for receiving a high school diploma.  We believe that every student who is willing to apply herself or himself is capable of succeeding at Vincent Gray.  We believe that a student’s previous history does not necessarily dictate how he or she will succeed at Vincent Gray.  To promote this success, Vincent Gray Academy is committed to support services it deems necessary to help students to overcome obstacles to perseverance.

We also believe that all students who attend Vincent Gray Academy will obtain skills to enrich their lives socially, educationally, and spiritually because of the accepting and caring nature of the Vincent Gray community.

Vincent Gray Academy does not discriminate by gender, race, national origin, or creed.

Vincent Gray Academy is a community of persons existing to provide alternative education leading to a high school diploma.

Vincent Gray Academy offers an opportunity for students to acquire academic skills, vocational experiences and spiritual development in an academic but informal atmosphere guided by Christian principles.

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