Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, all Vincent Gray Academy Students must successfully earn 20 credits. At Vincent Gray Academy, 0.25 unit of credit is earned in a subject when a student has met the requirements of the course and has attended the class for a total of 30 clock hours during one quarter. The teacher and student sign a performance contract at the beginning of each course. Attendance is recorded daily. When all requirements are completed, the credit is earned and recorded on the student’s Vincent Gray Academy transcript.

English must be taken each quarter and an English credit earned, at least, every third quarter. A reading class must be taken two quarters per year.

Students eligible for admission during the quarter will be accepted with the approval of the teachers in whose classes they are registered.


Special Graduation Requirements

All students must pass the tests on the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions in the ninth through twelfth grade in order to graduate. In addition, all graduates must pass three tests in order to graduate: 1) a math test; 2) a five paragraph essay; 3) a summary test. Students must continue full time attendance until all tests are passed.

Required Courses

English: 4 credits
Mathematics: 3 credits
Science (Includes Health): 2 credits
African American Studies: 1 credit
American History: 1 credit
Global Studies: 1 credit
Vocational Studies: 1 credit
Social Studies (Includes Government and Consumer Education): 1 credit
Character Education*: 1 credit
Electives: 5 credits

*All students at Vincent Gray Academy are required to take part in the school service program called Character Education. An academic credit in Character Education can be earned by participation in this program of service around the school, in the weekly school assemblies, in field trips, and other such activities.

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